KAVEMAN “G’Day” Snapback Cap

//KAVEMAN “G’Day” Snapback Cap
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KAVEMAN “G’Day” Snapback Cap

Lovely day. At KAVEMAN CLOTHING promoting great spirits and positivity are known solutions to make someone’s day. It’s important to always take a second and check how you’re feeling both emotionally and physically. “If all is good, smile and bang out the day!” The “G’Day” snapback cap hopes to make your day a bit brighter.

The backdrop is a Bright Red with a Bright Orange-Yellow as the alternate color. Featured on the front crown is the cap name in 3D with a thumb up stitched below. On the right panel “KC” is embroidered. If you look under the bill, “What’s The Dilly?” is printed. Lastly, above the Orange-Yellow snaps in the back, “Howdy Do!” is stitched. Get yours today at http://kavemanclothing.bigcartel.com/.




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