5-Panel Fridays: JILTED ROYALTY “Geotek” Cap

//5-Panel Fridays: JILTED ROYALTY “Geotek” Cap
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5-Panel Fridays: JILTED ROYALTY “Geotek” Cap

JILTED ROYALTY‘s Dark Summer collection features some of the best and elaborate design they’ve ever done. Specifically, the “Geotek” 5-Panel cap is a sure highlight. Even with the summer over, this cap should hold you down for quite a while. Black is a major color used for this hat. Not only is it the backdrop and bill color, but it contributes to the dark tone of the collection. The left and right panel both feature the same skull and stripes pattern outlined in White. On the front is a small box logo. Get yours now at http://store.jrworld.co.uk/.





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