SNOW THA PRODUCT “Woke” 5-Panel Cap

//SNOW THA PRODUCT “Woke” 5-Panel Cap
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SNOW THA PRODUCT “Woke” 5-Panel Cap

California native, but resident of Houston, Claudia A. Feliciano is an upcoming MC out to give any other female MC a run for their money. The 22 year old considers herself, “the beauty and the beast,” a statement not far from the truth. Under her stage name, SNOW THA PRODUCT, she runs a small clothing hustle. The “Woke” 5-Panel cap is just one example.

This camouflage cap features “WOKE” written in White across the front. On the left side, two vents are embroidered along with the Wake Ya Game Up initials stitched in White. In the back is a strap. Get yours at


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