Strapback Saturdays: ZEPHYR x NCAA “Notre Dame Leprechaun” Strapback

Posted by VinReigns, October 27th, 2012 01:10 am under Collegiate, Strapback, Zephyr

The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame are finally relevant again in a good way. The Leprechauns are currently 5th overall in the BCS and Associated Press standings. A great way to show your Irish pride is with the Zephyr Notre Dame strapback. The traditional Notre Dame Leprechaun logo dons the front panel of the cap. The crown of the cap is all black with a green squatchee on the top. The brim is green on top and grey on the underbrim. The strap in the back is also black with a silver metal clasp to hold the strap in place. If you’re looking to “Play Like A Champion” today then click the “Buy Now” button to pick up this cap.