THE BLONDE LOCKS “Digital Locks” Snapback Cap

//THE BLONDE LOCKS “Digital Locks” Snapback Cap
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THE BLONDE LOCKS “Digital Locks” Snapback Cap

THE BLONDE LOCKS are back! For the “tomboys in the street scene [who] have very few brand options to choose from- most girls like Bridget [Blonde] (the brand founder) would buy men’s clothes and refashion them to make them fit for their own personalities and bodies.” Now, the search for women’s clothes with personality is over.

The “Digital Locks” snapback cap quite the character with a few options to choose from. The backdrop for all three hats is a Leopard like print with glitter Sky Blue spots. On the front, “Locks” is stitched in large letters and can be purchased in Blue, Black or Orange. Like what your see? Head to





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