DUNX DRUM SCHOOL & Duncan Lee [Video]

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DUNX DRUM SCHOOL & Duncan Lee [Video]

Rhythm. True mastery involves passion, and thousands of hours of practice. The basic definition of percussion is a musical instrument that is sounded by being struck or scraped by a beater. This range of instruments includes drums, kettle bells, tamborines and even the piano, which is a string / percussion hybrid. Duncan Lee transformed his love for percussion into a full fledge academy for young musicans. Drumming since the age of 12, Duncan was self taught up until the age of 17. A graduate of Tech Music School in London and Oxford Brookes University, Duncan launched his own Drum school during his studies. Duncan’s career as drummer includes playing with a wide range of bands, such as Cyclamen, Ever, The Michael Lee Band, The Jiggawatts, The Zefrons, The Zefrones, The Shindigz and The Polar Caps.

DUNX DRUM SCHOOL is Located just an hour outside of London, in Wescott, England. The intensive program has graduated over [insert] drumming students. Along with the school and recording studio, Dunx Drum Trax also has an online session drumming business, www.dunxdrumtrax.com

We recently visited Duncan at his Drum School to get a sense of the space and vibe. In a word, winning. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than video should be a worth a million. Duncan regularly uploads videos of drum sessions, giving his students inspiration and tips. Anyone with ambitions on being a rhythm king with the sticks, we suggest you contact Duncan at www.dunxdrumschool.com.


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