+FRESH.I.AM+ x TRINIDAD JAMES “Fukk Gold” Ltd. Ed. Snapback Cap & Interview

/, Style/+FRESH.I.AM+ x TRINIDAD JAMES “Fukk Gold” Ltd. Ed. Snapback Cap & Interview
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+FRESH.I.AM+ x TRINIDAD JAMES “Fukk Gold” Ltd. Ed. Snapback Cap & Interview

One of a kind. TRINIDAD JAMES has recently taken the internets by storm with his new mixtape, “Don’t Be S.A.F.E.” Specifically you might of heard his charismatic and braggadocious single, “All Gold Everything.” +FRESH.I.AM+ decided to make one exclusive “Fukk Gold” snapback cap just for Mr. James. (We’re mad they didn’t make more too). In addition, Vinny at +FIA+ got an interview with the rapper himself. Check it out below.

Vinny: What are the last 6 things you did?

Trinidad: Bought some kicks (Olive 9s), bought a New Letterman (Joyrich), did a photo shoot with Tunde in my 1 of 1 Fukk hat, did the morning show on 94.5, have sex, performed at DJ Holiday B Day party with French Montana.

Vinny: What and or who inspires you to do what you do?

Trinidad: The way I grew inspires me. I base my music off of life. The life, I been living and the life I continue to live.

Vinny: Why is everything gold?

Trinidad: Because Gold is first place I like to win.

Vinny // What’s something that everyone who visits Atlanta must see and do?

Trinidad: The Strip Club… them bad hoes at Onyx.

Vinny: Any inspirational words for the youth?

Trinidad: If you believe in something turn that belief into action. Words with no action or faith mean nothing.

Vinny: Trap or Die?

Trinidad: Great mixtape lol….

Catch more +FIA+ news at their website: http://freshiam.net/

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