Kevin’s Top 5 Snapbacks of 2012

Posted by Kevin, January 1st, 2013 05:01 am under Countdown

Picking my Top 5 Snapbacks of 2012 was nothing short of a challenge, but I think I have managed to come up with a fairly decent list. When it comes to snapbacks, I’m usually a fan of a more simple look but I feel like the list has some creativity to it as well. Lets take a look, shall we?

Note: If you like one of the snapbacks you see on this list, hit the title of the cap to purchase.

5. ELUSIVE “Horizon” Snapback Cap

This cap has all right aspects for me. I really enjoy the uniqueness of the front embroidering as well as the shine on the lid. The white hit on the side ties it all together for me. A classic black snapback, something you could wear almost everyday.

4. BENNY GOLD x DIAMOND SUPPLY CO “Paper Diamond” Snapback Cap

One of the my most anticipated collaborations this year was between BENNY GOLD and DIAMOND. In the collection was the “Paper Diamond” cap, which has a customized logo for the collaboration. The teal colorway also stood out for me. You don’t see streetwear collaborations like this too often now-a-days.

3. PLAY CLOTHS “Law” Snapback Cap

In my opinion, PLAY CLOTHS has some of the best original themes in the streetwear game. Their “Law” cap blends the simplicity of a grey colorway with a eye-catching logo in a variety of colors. The red hit along the side gives the hat some extra pop.

2. AKOMPLICE “Apache” Snapback Cap

I’m a big fan of what AKOMPLICE has done with their “Apache” snapback. I like how they were able to take a simple black colorway and tie in such a strong Native American style theme. The red hits on the eyelits, top-button, and back snap as well as the white embroidering on the front really make the cap stand out.

1. RUNNER UP “Bolt Logo” Snapback Cap

The last cap on my list is the essence of what I love in a snapback. The bright red colorway along with the simple white embroidering on the front is a classic for me. The cap shows how such a plain scheme can translate into a well put together piece with loads of potential. The cap can be a perfect complement to any outfit needing that added brightness.