Maui’s Top 5 Snapbacks of 2012

Posted by Maui, January 1st, 2013 06:01 am under Countdown

Well, with 2012 over, it’s that time of year again where I get to share my favorite snapback caps of 2012. It was a great year for strapbacks, 5-panels, and snapbacks alike. With new innovations (like snakeskin bills) to outrageous ideas (fedora snapbacks anyone?). Below my list is ordered by rank. If you like any of the caps on this list and wish to buy, just click the cap title.


5. I LOVE UGLY 5-Panel Cap Collection
I LOVE UGLY left no room for error this year with every hat they released this year. With this collection specifically it shows. Every cap was unique and simple in it’s own right. From the denim to paisley designs, not a lot of other brands touched ILU in 2012.


4. PHENOMENON “Fedora” Snapback Cap
Let’s be honest. The idea is pretty silly and frankly looks hella uncomfortable. Would I wear this outside? Definitely not but this made my list because it’s ambitious and risky. They say with no risk there’s no reward, and the pay off just looking at this “Fedora” snapback cap is just enough for me.


3. 40 OZ NYC “Red 9/11 Balmain” Snapback Cap
40 OZ took the New York streetwear scene over whenever it was announced one of his hats would be released for 6 hours only. And according to his interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, his brand raked in more than $100,000+ in sales in 6 hours. I chose the “Red 9/11 Balmain” snapback cap as number three because it was definitely one of the highlight releases.


2. JUST ★ DON Custom Caps For RSVP GALLERY
When we talk about who started the whole snakeskin or custom bill trend, there’s no way to exactly know who started it. However, what is sure is that it was Kanye West’s manager Don C who brought the trend to the spotlight by customizing cap bills for Ye and Jay-Z on their Watch The Throne tour. And because it arguably was this year’s biggest trend, Don C deserves a spot on this list.


1. TIE between DAILY DOSES x MLB x AMERICAN NEEDLE “Retro Washington Senators” Strapback Cap and DOSES x MLB “LA Dodgers: Retro Lizard Leather” Snapback Cap
It was an absolutely great year for DAILY DOSES. I personally don’t think another brand touched their designs this year. Incorporating teams colors and combining them with diverse and quality fabrics and skins separated them from the competition surely. I chose these two caps because they were my favorite out of their collection this year. I hope to see more from DAILY in 2013!