Vince’s Top 5 Snapbacks of 2012

Posted by VinReigns, January 1st, 2013 04:01 am under Countdown

I don’t know about you but 2012 seemed to be the fastest year yet. We’ve seen some interesting trends in snapbacks from spikes, camo, foam, straps, and glow in the dark parts of the cap. As a former employee of the New Era Flagship in NYC, I have seen it all this year. Every day snapbacks came into the store and went out just as fast. Snapbacks were definitely the cap of the year and here are my TOP 5 Snapbacks of 2012 starting with #5.

#5 10 DEEP “ALL GOOD” Snapback Cap

10 DEEP is a staple in the streetwear game and are good for a solid cap.  This “ALL GOOD” snapback is a clean white colorway (although they are tough to keep white).  The embroidery on the front of “ALL GOOD” is in navy blue.  Inside the first “O” are the always recognizable 10 DEEP “X’s.”  On the wearer’s right side is another 10 DEEP logo stitched in white which blends in with the rest of the white crown.  Why did this cap make my TOP 5?  Because in a year of complicated patterns, camo, accessories, a solid white cap really stands out.


#4 NEW ERA x TOKI DOKI “Captain American” Snapback Cap

Talking about “standing out,” this TOKI DOKI x NEW ERA cap really flies above the rest (pun intended).  The Avengers was one of the biggest movies of the year and TOKI DOKI and NEW ERA decided to celebrate that with this cap.  The cap features the TOKI DOKI cartoonish take on the Captain America character face on the front of this cap.  The face sits on a baby blue crown which also has a wing on each side of the cap that are sewn on at the base of the wing and float out to the sides.  Below the wearer’s left wing is the always recognizable NEW ERA flag.  The brim is a nice contrasting navy blue.


#3 STAMPD “All Black Studded” Snapback Cap

This STAMPD brand all black “Studded” snapback cap hits my list at #3.  Snapbacks with different accessories on it were some of the most popular caps of the year.  This cap kept it somewhat simple with its all black approach.  The crown, brim, and snaps, are all black.  But the obvious stand out feature of this cap are the 112 hand screwed matte black pyramid studs on the front panel.  Some caps this year put a lot of attention on the front panel and STAMPD is apart of that group but had to subtlety to it.  Yes there are 112 studs on the front panel but the all black matte choice lets them blend in a little depending on your angle of the cap.


#2 CROOKS & CASTLES “Street Vet” Snapback Cap

Sometimes less is more and that is the approach CROOKS & CASTLES took.  The “Street Vet” snapback cap uses the simple black and white colorway.  The crown and brim of this cap are all black and feature a simple and small patch on the front.  The sewn on patch has a lot of writing on it.  On the patch is “Street Veterans,” a circular crest, and “100% Hand Crafted Goods.”  I always like to see that last part on CROOKS & CASTLES products.  On the underbrim is a white bandana type pattern that is a nice touch.  In my opinion the underbrim is very underutilized amongst designers.  Too many brands fall into the “grey/green brim” hype and fail to try to be different.  Depending on how the wearer wears their cap the underbrim is usually the last thing someone else sees.  Once the wearer removes the cap the reaction is usually “O snap I didn’t even see that!” referring to any design on the bottom of the brim.  Very nice touch by C&C.  Another nice touch is the snap in the back.  The snaps are all black and plastic but the design in different.  Instead of two equal sized snaps the snap with the holes looks like two ovals separated in the middle.  Another nice touch by CROOKS & CASTLES.


#1 NEW ERA “Galaxy” Snapback Cap

Is my #1 choice for obvious reasons?  Arguably the most talked about sneaker in 2012 were the Nike “Galaxy” Foamposites.  As New Era does they make sure a cap is always on deck.  When I was working at the NE Flagship in NYC the phone calls were non-stop when the fitted version of this cap was about to be released.  The same goes for when this cap was eventually released.  The entire cap is covered in a “galaxy” print from the tip of the brim to the back of the crown.  One of the great thing NEW ERA did was not make this cap a perfect match for the “galaxy” foams, meaning it wasn’t just black, purple, and blue, with stars all over it.  This cap was a solid match for ANY “galaxy” sneakers that was released.  There were the Lebron “Big Bang” shoes, the Nike “Galaxy” dunks, and even the Nike Zoom Rookie “galaxy” that recently released.  Another solid cap from the leaders in caps.


So there you have it.  My top 5 caps of 2012.  Agree? Disagree? Love them? Hate them?  Let your voice be heard and drop a comment below and let me hear the hate or if you agree.