Trend Forcasting: DOPE COUTURE “M-O-B” Tieback Cap

Posted by Maui, January 14th, 2013 06:01 am under Style

Innovation. Not a word used a lot in fashion. Sure, we might hear the concept of versioning or reinvigorating an idea or style but rarely you hear one innovates. DOPE COUTURE with this “M-O-B” release might of just (quietly) transformed a new type of cap. One that I predict will become a trend for the new year to come.

I’m not sure how the team at DOPE came up with the style but based on the pictures it seems to be inspired by how Tupac wore his Bandana.


I think that tieback caps will become one of the next trends in the cap game. Why? Simply because it’s easy to customize and leaves room for the customer to show their style. For instance, last year we all watched strapbacks rise to the occasion. Strapbacks was relatively new to streetwear brands but not new to heavyweights like Ralph Lauren Polo. Arguably, strapbacks have a more serious tone to them compared to snapbacks however this is what makes strapbacks unique.

To boot, we watched the customized bill trend sky rocket into the urban fashion world. The customized bill was so exciting for owners because it was a new accessory that could help establish their overall style. Kanye and Jay essentially were the first to do it, mixing designer clothes (and pleated skirts) with custom bill New York Yankee hats.


But back to the point. Tiebacks are taking an old style commonly worn by teenagers and adults that grew up in streets of California and bringing them back to life. It’s a whole new type of style no one has touched before. With tiebacks, your capturing the vibe of the west coast. The LA streets or the nights listening to DJ Quik or Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg. Your capturing the memories of the 90’s when Big and Tupac were still here with us. You can’t get that with a lot of other cap styles.


DOPE has brought a whole new venture for caps and hopefully we’ll be seeing more tiebacks this year. Unfortunately, for those who want to purchase, the cap is sold out, however we’ll let you know when or if DOPE COUTURE re-up’s their stock. Leave some comments below with your thoughts!