5-Panel Fridays: MENTALLY ILL “Sacred Fowl” Cap

Posted by VinReigns, February 1st, 2013 12:02 am under 5 Panel

This “Sacred Fowl” cap from MENTALLY ILL is a little confusing based on its appearance and name. At first glance this cap is beautifully detailed with floral prints on a black backdrop. The faux suede gold brim provides a nice contrast to the black backdrop as well as matching the autumnal colors on the floral print. But why is the cap named “Sacred Fowl?” The world fowl is a general term for birds but if you look at the cap it’s all flowers. Well if you look closely at the front panel, what appears to be a hawk is embroidered in black which blends in with the black backdrop. The strap in the back is black nylon with a plastic clasp.