5-Panel Fridays: RAW x JONAH MILLER “DUKW” Collection

Posted by VinReigns, February 1st, 2013 01:02 am under 5 Panel

Jonah Miller, Harvard Grad and NIKE Sportswear designer is known to design for different skate brands across the country. For New England based RAW, Jonah designed the “DUKW” series. This collection comes in three colors; Olive, Khaki, and Gray. Each cap is one color with a black “Duck Tour Boat” which is popular in the Boston area for “quacking” and being loud while giving tours throughout the city. The acronym “DUKW” is not a military term associated with original duck boats. “DUKW” is broken down into “D” – a vehicle decided in 1942, “U” – utility, “K” – indicates driven front wheels, and “W” – two powered rear axles. This cap definitely takes the “less is more” approach but it is a solid add to any collection.