Strapback Saturdays: SUNKEN BOOTY “Birthday MJ” Strapback Cap

Posted by VinReigns, February 9th, 2013 02:02 am under Custom, NBA

SUNKEN BOOTY strikes again with another 1 of 1 custom strapback that is something you have to be careful when deciding when to wear. The cap has a black crown with red eyelets. The front panel features “BULLS” in all red caps with white outline, “Chicago” in an arched white banner, and the “Windy City” Bull logo in red. The brim of the cap has a screen print of “His Airness” against the Sixers Charles Barkley. The normal squatchee on top is replaced by the SUNKEN BOOTY skull and crossbones pendant. The strap in the back is a belt style with a gold buckle.