GLYN BROWN & L3NF Interview [Video]

Posted by Maui, February 11th, 2013 06:02 am under Interview, Video

It was during sophomore year of high school, that L3NF was created. What began as a joke, became important in a short span of time. Noticing the progress, Glyn decided to concentrate more energy. With two years under his belt, the brand is now making its mark every day. Utilizing social media, Glyn has built an enormous online following and it’s translated into real life. In February 2011, Glyn organized an L3NF event. This event saw the release of the infamous “Gold Pin”. Although weather conditions were terrible, 600 people still managed to come out and support. Since Glyn has collaborated with Afropunk, Nike Sportswear, and has been featured in Complex’s “Young Leaders of Style 25 under 25.” We caught some face time with Glyn to talk about his upcoming “Power” snapback cap collection and more before he flew out to LA. Check it below!




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