Strapback Saturdays: SUNKEN BOOTY “Wiz Rollin Papers” Strapback Cap

Posted by VinReigns, February 23rd, 2013 12:02 am under Custom, Uncategorized

The music world has had many different version of “Rollin,” from “Rollin with the homies,” to “They see me Rolling, they hatin,” to “Rollin in the deep.” But none of those are the “Rollin” that Wiz Khalifa talks about in his music. Wiz is big fan of the wacky tobaccy and is not afraid to admit it. And with that SUNKEN BOOTY has created this “Rollin” strapback cap. The crown of the cap is all yellow with a black cannabis leaf on the wearer’s left side. The front panel features “Rollin'” in black script with a white paper airplane beneath it. The brim is has several scattered green cannabis leaves. The strap in the back is tan with more cannabis leaves printed on it and a gold buckle for adjusting.