JUST ★ DON “Snakeskin The Finals” Strapback Caps

Posted by Maui, June 3rd, 2013 05:06 am under NBA, Strapback

“Playing off the energy and momentum, building throughout this year’s NBA season and post-season, [‘The Finals’] caps are a testament to the sports-centric JUST ★ DON label.”

Oh yes, over the past few months JUST ★ DON has made a name for itself as a premier go-to label for exotic fitted strapbacks and snapbacks alike. Now Wish Atlanta is offering a new collection. Each of course is outfitted with a snakeskin brim, and leather strap in the back. The crown features an embroidered “The Finals” script and a additional embroidered script is found on the left side, commemorating the 1991 NBA Finals. Now available in limited quantities at http://wishatl.com/.



VIA: High Snobiety