New Snapbacks @ HAT CLUB: The HUNDREDS Fall 2013 Collection

Posted by Capo, August 7th, 2013 08:08 am under Snapback

Giving the people exactly what they want, The Hundreds release another successful hat collection for Fall 2013 on HATCLUB.COM. The snapback trio’s diverse designs and versatile color ways have gained much attention not only from fans of The Hundreds, but hat enthusiasts as well:


The all-duck-camo hat seen above, features Adam Bomb, The Hundreds’ notorious and most-loved icon.


Known as the “Super” hat, this next snapback is 100% inspired by Super Bowl iconography and makes the bold “Upset The Setup” statement within its logo.


The third and final addition to the snapback collection is the eye-catching, monochromatic “Team Two” hat that comes with a custom red crackle print visor.

View The Hundred’s full collection online at HAT