Camo Camper by CHOCOLATE

Posted by VinReigns, October 18th, 2013 05:10 am under 5 Panel

The Camo Camper by CHOCOLATE follows the camouflage trend that has been going strong for the last two years. This 5-panel however uses a slightly different camouflage style but still uses the same shades of green and brown. The camouflage wraps around the entire cap from the front of the brim to the back of the top panels. Sewn on the front panel is a small red patch with “CHOCOLATE” printed in it’s signature white script font. Like most 5-panels there is grommet ventilation on both side panels of the cap and blend with the green colors. The straps in the back are made of black nylon material and feature black plastic straps for adjusting to your perfect size. To snatch up this piece of “CHOCOLATE” head on over to quickly before the deal “melts” away.

chocolate camper back camo

chocolate camper back black

chocolate camper camo front