’47 BRAND Snapback Caps @ HAT CLUB

Posted by Capo, October 31st, 2013 08:10 am under 47 Brand, MLB, NBA

’47 BRAND Snapback Caps have arrived at HAT CLUB. The premier headwear retailer proudly presents the release of their snapback collection from the global sports lifestyle brand. With their roots in American sports leagues since 1947, ’47 Brand knows what a true fan is looking for, which is evident in these three featured snapbacks. The “Night Vision” Yankees snapback is presented in tiger camo print and displays the Yankees “NY” logo in black, that is stitched together with glow in the dark thread.

Moving to the West Coast, the “Night Move” Dodgers snapback’s all-black crown and graphite visor combo also features the Dodgers “LA” logo in black with glow in dark thread, but this time paired with a glow in the dark snap.

47 brand snapback strapback cap custom

The “Juligunk” Chicago Bulls Strapback’s grand faux crocodile leather visor is paired with a black crown that highlights the Bulls metallic gold logo and is finished off with a black strap and gold clasp.

47 brand snapback strapback cap custom

View the full collection of 47 BRAND Snapback Caps at HATCLUB.COM