Sultan 5 Panel Cap by CROOKS & CASTLES

Posted by Capo, November 7th, 2013 06:11 am under 5 Panel, Street Wear

The Sultan 5 Panel Cap by CROOKS & CASTLES adds a pinch of luxury to the casual cap silhouette. This calls out for a pair of your best slip on moccasins. Upgrade your shoe game if necessary. Constructed of 100% Cotton, the blocked cap features a decorative floral print. Adding to that mix is the metallic Gold embroidered label on the front label. The look is very much 1990’s Versace inspired. Complete the throwback look with a case of Cristal, a Jesus piece and printed silk shirt. Actually, no – don’t. You can pick up the Sultan 5 Panel Cap online at

Sultan 5 Panel Cap CROOKS N CASTLES