Time Is Now Snapback by FATAL

Posted by VinReigns, November 21st, 2013 01:11 am under Snapback

The Time Is Now Snapback by FATAL takes one of the most iconic design/prints from the streets, and uses it for the focus of its cap on the underbill. This black and white cap uses white for the two front panels and black for the rest of the cap. “CA” is in black raised embroidery in an Old English font on the front panels. The centerpiece of the cap is actually on the bottom of the brim. The infamous bandana print that has been associated with countless amounts of people, places, and things, is printed in black and white. On the wearer’s left side is the triangular logo of FATAL is embroidered in white. The standard plastic snaps in the back are also white to match the front panels. Pick this cap up now by heading over to tillys.com.

Fatal Time Is Now Snapback Underbill

Fatal Time Is Now Snapback Back

Fatal Time Is Now Snapback Front