Rat 5 Panel Hat By STUSSY

Posted by Capo, December 9th, 2013 02:12 am under 5 Panel

STUSSY’s Rat 5 Panel Hat features a figure that has been present consistently throughout the brands’s 30 year history. There are an estimated 4 rats per human in New York City. That would make their numbers at 32 million strong. These citizens of the city are given a cute makeover with this style. Constructed of 100% Polyester, the striped Teal and White fabric has an overlayed images of hybrid rat human characters dressed in sporty and casual Stussy wear. Silkscreened across the front panels is a Stussy logo hit in Black. The cap is available online at Stussy Japan’s online store for ¥6,825 www.stussy.jp

Rat 5 Panel Hat STUSSY

Rat 5 Panel Hat STUSSYRat 5 Panel Hat STUSSY