Rainfrog Camo 5 Panel Cap by DIAMOND SUPPLY CO

Posted by Capo, January 2nd, 2014 12:01 am under 5 Panel, Skate

DIAMOND SUPPLY CO presents their Rainfrog Camo 5 Panel Cap. The disruptive pattern actually refers to the vertically aligned straits of flecks that are incorporated into the design. This style was used by the Germany Army in World War II, in their Splittermuster (splinter) and Sumpfmuster (marsh) camoflague designs. A more simplified version of this was first used by Polish armed forces. This 5 Panel cap is constructed of a custom camo pattern. Attached up front is a woven Diamond Supply Co patch. Make this style your own online by going over to

Rainfrog Camo 5 Panel Cap DIAMOND SUPPLY CO