Python Brim Suede Strapback Cap JUST DON x BARNEYS

Posted by Capo, January 22nd, 2014 02:01 am under Strapback

JUST DON has created a series of exclusive releases for Luxury Department store BARNEYS. The Python Brim suede strapback cap is a dark, stylish piece. The front panels are presented logo free. The crown is constructed of a dark suede. The eyelets are replaced by embroidered stars. The bill and adjustable strap on the back are made of genuine python leather. On the back is an etched Just Don buckle. Made in U.S.A. On a side note, this cap cannot be shipped to California. Priced at $695.00 and available online at this is definitely not built for those that are light on bands.

Python Brim Suede Strapback Cap JUST DON X BARNEYS