Ostrich Bill Strapback Cap by CAZAL

Posted by Capo, April 13th, 2014 03:04 am under Snapback

Cari Zalloni the founder and the iconic eyewear brand, CAZAL passed in 2012. He launched the company in 1975. 39 years later, the impact of his maximalist designs is still evident. Vintage Cazal frame are well sought after, fetching 4 figures. CAZAL steps outside of their usual realm and preset an Ostrich Bill Strapback Cap. Shooting for the high end of the spectrum, the cap features a Black Egyptian cotton crown. The bill is made of an ostrich leather. The CAZAL logo is engraved on a metal plate with a Gold finish and attached on the front. The style is offered in two color ways: Anthracite / Tan and Light Grey Black. Priced at $99.00, the Ostrich Bill Strapback hat is available online at http://shop.cazal-eyewear.com

Ostrich Bill Strapback Cap

Ostrich Bill Snapback Cap