Navy Gulls 5 Panel Cap by OBEY

Posted by Capo, April 27th, 2014 02:04 am under 5 Panel

The seagulls or as they are commonly called Gulls, are highly intelligent, curious and extremely resourceful birds. Gulls display complex forms of communication and highly developed social structure. They are also know for massing on predators, dive bombing unexpecting humans for food and of course, drop “bombs” of their own. OBEY’s  Navy Gulls 5 panel cap pays tribute to the crafty bird. The hat is made of a printed twill fabric. Attached to the front is a woven rectangular patch. One size fits most, this cap adjusts on the back with a nylon strap and a plastic clip. The style is available for $40.00 online at

Navy Gulls 5 Panel Cap