Football Collection 5 Panel Caps by I LOVE UGLY

Posted by Capo, June 13th, 2014 04:06 pm under 5 Panel

I Love Ugly have a passion for sport, their uniforms, and fan apparel. In honor of the their love of the game, they have created the Football collection 5 Panel Caps collection. When we say football, we are talking about Soccer. Each cap in the series includes a signature  quote from football’s most prolific stars in history spotlighting the Nation’s they represented. Included in this group is Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Italy and Croatia. The hats features custom I Love Ugly team artwork, with a leather patch on front and pig suede under brim. This range of caps is limited to just 100 caps worldwide. The Football collection 5 Panel Caps are priced at $69.00 and available online at

football collection 5 panel caps