Tri Star Snapback Cap by ASPHALT YACHT CLUB

Posted by David, September 26th, 2014 12:09 pm under Skate, Snapback

Tri Star Snapback Cap

Skate apparel powerhouse ASPHALT YACHT CLUB produces another “bred” colorway hat with the Tri Star snapback cap. This headwear is made of 100% cotton to assure customers of a comfortable fit. Its front panel is in red. Embroidered is the AYC triangle logo in black and white along with three black stars below the emblem. The other panels and bill also come in black to make this headgear flexible for your wardrobe.Their team is composed of notable riders such as Nyjah Huston, Stevie Williams and Riley Hawk. With their endorsement, the brand is committed to produce quality pieces. Know for yourself, go to to grab the Tri Star snapback, available for $28.

Tri Star Snapback Capt