Cleaning your Snapback Caps

Posted by Karl, February 16th, 2015 02:02 pm under Snapback


Aside from buying and collecting hats and caps, one should be familiar in cleaning and maintaining snapback caps. This is done to keep your caps in tip-top shape to prolong the life of your hat collection.

Snapback caps are usually made from cotton twills. These are the types of hats/caps that are durable and can withstand a lot of day-to-day usage. Some caps are made from cotton polyester  which are colorfast (dyed in colors that does not fade easily). With the proper cleaning of caps, one can avoid overall shrinkage and damage to your precious caps.

Here are some tips in cleaning your snapback caps:

1. Avoid cleaning your caps in a clothes washer. Although this is a fast and easy way in cleaning your caps, automated washers can easily damage or break the brims of your caps. Using a clothes washer can also cause shrinkage and uneven folds in your caps. However, caps with plastic form in shaping the brim can withstand this method of cleaning a cap.

2. ¬†Wash your caps with clothing or caps of similar color! You don’t want your white or brightly-colored caps looking like tie-dyed shirts.

3. Use warm or cold water in washing and cleaning your caps. Do not use hot or boiling water. This can deform brims and panels of your caps.

4. Wool hats should be hand-washed and delicately cleaned. Use cold water and a mild laundry detergent to clean and wash these types of hats or caps.

5. To remove lint, use a not-so-sticky tape and gently remove unwanted lint in your caps.

6. Do not use a clothes drier in drying your caps. Let nature help you with that. Let your caps breathe for a while and air dry them.

For more information on cleaning and maintenance of snapback caps, watch this video by PROFESSOR SNAP