Kristen Stewart spotted wearing No Problem Snapback Cap by SKATERS

Posted by Karl, February 17th, 2015 01:02 pm under Snapback, Spotted


Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart, alongside with her close friend Alice Cargile was spotted wearing a No Problem Snapback Cap by SKATERS in Los Angeles last January 21 while making a coffee run. K-stew and her long-time friend (then personal assistant), Alice was seen wearing No Problem snapbacks, statement sweaters, and trainers while walking in the streets of LA.

kristen stewart no problem snapback cap

Kristen is famous for her relaxed vibe and hipster-ish style and outfits such as snapback hats, hoodies, and sneakers. There were many times Kristen was spotted wearing No Problem snapback caps and matching it with her favorite 1950s upper rimmed sunnies.

 No Problem snapback caps are produced by SKATERS, a rock band formed in 2012. The New York-based plasma punk band produces merch items such as shirts and snapback caps which are usually worn by Hollywood celebrities such as Kristen Stewart. The No Problem Cap by SKATERS usually come in Black or Blue colorway. The front panel design features a dark twill and embroidered words “No Problem” in serif font. A plastic snap closure at the back keeps everything on lock. This snapback cap is priced at $24.99 and available online at

skaters no problem snapback cap