Classic Floral-Indigo Snapback by WEMOTO

Posted by Chip, March 11th, 2015 10:03 am under Snapback

classic floral indigo snapback cap wemoto

Reigning from the United Kingdom, WEMOTO is right in the middle of the most fashionable people around the world –  consisting of both classic and trendy aesthetics. Wemoto adds a hint of “today” to timeless and classic articles of clothing, making each piece produced unique and well-delivered. The brand has been going at it since 2003, and expect Wemoto to get only bigger. They drop a new snapback with their Classic logo “W” done in Indigo over an Oxford base. The brim contrasts the crown with its Floral print finish – adding that burst of identity to the basic style of classic. Wemoto caps are available here

classic floral indigo snapback cap wemoto 1