FUN Denim-Beige Strapback Cap by 7UNION

Posted by Chip, March 25th, 2015 09:03 am under 7Union, Strapback

fun denim beige strapback cap 7union

Japanese boutique store 7UNION has been on top of their game for such a long time and pictured here is their ‘FUN’ strapback cap that will surely make you cop it for your everyday headwear collection. There are several other version of 7UNION’s ‘FUN’ styled cap but this one is stands right out with its perfect color combination. The strapback features a light Denim crown matched with a Beige brim. The word ‘FUN’ is embroidered in heavy detail across the front panels in White, matched with a Black star. As we move towards the back, 7UNION finished the strap in a nice Black Leather, and on the right side, the word ‘FUN’ is seen again in a different style, and in Black. This strapback is available over here

fun denim beige strapback cap 7union 1