True Chaos Cube Snapback Cap by NIKE

Posted by Chip, April 1st, 2015 09:04 am under Nike, Snapback

true chaos cube snapback cap nike

NIKE continues to produce merchandise that will keep you on your toes, not only with their usual drops in the different sports but also with their general merch. This snapback is called “True Chaos Cube” which is highlighted by a pattern of squares and dark color tones. Nike has featured their snapback for quite a while now especially with the rise of the style, so let this not be any surprise to you. They have infused they’re classic Swoosh logo together with a disfigured and bedlam style – staying true to is’ ‘Chaos’ name. Together with this pattern, the Nike logo is embroidered and raised in Blue to stand right out. The brim of the snapback is done in Black. This is currently available over here


true chaos cube snapback cap nike 1