Boston Celtics Ostrich-Zebra 9Fifty Strapback Cap by NEW ERA x NBA

Posted by Chip, April 29th, 2015 11:04 am under NBA, New Era 9Fifty, Strapback

boston celtics zebra ostrich 9fifty strapback ca pnew era nba 1

It was definitely another successful learning year for the Boston Celtics as Brad Stevens brought out the best in his players once again and making an appearance in the NBA Playoffs since the Big Three Era. The Celtics last year played better than expected despite their record and this year was another big step forward as the team clinched the 7th seed in the East despite the loss of key players like Jeff Green and Rajon Rondo. The loss of these two big players didn’t stop the Celtics from reaching their potential and this year only proved to be a glimpse of their ceiling in years to come. In line with the Boston Celtics, pictured here isĀ NEW ERA‘s “Ostrich-Zebra” connection as the series brings the wildlife pattern to the NBA team. The cap has a Black brim, with the team logo embroidered and raised in Black and White. The brim is done in a combination of Ostrich and Zebra prints in Black and White – this pattern s also found on the strapback of the cap. This is currently available over hereĀ

boston celtics zebra ostrich 9fifty strapback ca pnew era nba