Batman Flagpop 9Fifty Snapback Cap by DC COMICS x NEW ERA

Posted by Chip, May 27th, 2015 10:05 am under New Era 9Fifty, Snapback

batman flagpop 9fifty snapback dc comics new era

Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Batman has become if not the most, one of the most recognizable and iconic faces and in all of comic and superhero talk – Batman has also become an icon of culture. Batman first appeared in 1939 as part of the Detective Comics which featured some of the most exciting comic strips during its time. A year before the creation of Batman, Superman was created, therefore explaining the long and rich history of these two main DC Comics characters. Today, Batman is seen everywhere – from the original comics, to television, to the theaters, to actions figures, to shirts, caps, and just almost everything you can think of. DC has definitely created a character who will be with mankind for a long long time. NEW ERA presents their “Flagpop” series featuring Batman. It comes in with a Grey crown and Black brim. It holds up a flag in Black with Gold outlines, featuring Grey lines and the Batman logo at the upper left – somewhat similar to the United States of America flag. The Batman comic logo is found above the snapback closure. Check this out over here

batman flagpop 9fifty snapback dc comics new era 1