Bee Maroon 9Fifty Snapback Cap by BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB x NEW ERA

Posted by Chip, July 15th, 2015 03:07 pm under New Era 9Fifty, Snapback

bee maroon snapback cap billionaire boys club new era

The two most influential icons in today’s modenr culture, Nigo and Pharrell Williams started BBC and Ice Cream back in 2005 and ever since have enveloped the world into its wonderous products, apparel, advertising, marketing and design. They have also established a certain standard for their streetwear culture, rising above all the other brands – leaving them as the lone star in their own market. This brand will forver be sought-out for and will continue to rise. Their partnership with New Era leads to this new 9Fifty Snapback called “Bee”. It comes in with a Burgundu base and the letter “B” filled with Grey and Burgundy Wool while being finished with an embroidered outline in Grey as well. Over at the back just above the snap, “Billionaire Boys Club” is embroidered in Grey. This cap can be bought over here

bee maroon snapback cap billionaire boys club new era 1