CA Flag Khaki-Coffee Trucker 9Fifty Snapback Cap by NEW ERA

Posted by Chip, July 22nd, 2015 01:07 pm under New Era 9Fifty, Snapback, Trucker

ca flag khaki coffee trucker 9fifty snapback cap new era

The famous Flag of California is the highlight of this Trucker 9Fifty Snapback fromĀ NEW ERA. The Flag of California was adopted back in February 3, 1911 drawing inspiration from the flag raised and flown during the Bear Flag Revolt in 1846 back when California was an unrecognized state and was later on in the middle of the Mexican-American War. Today, California is one of the most iconic US states with it’s mix of beach, mountains, cities, farms, suburbs and bay. That brief history lesson has a deeper meaning and essence beneath that flag. This New Era 9Fifty Snapback comes in with a nice Khaki-colored front panels, and matched with a Coffee-colored Mesh panels at the back and for the brim up front. The Flag of California patch is stitched at the front panel, donning a nice Gold outline embroidery. For all you Cali-born, Cali-raised, or just those who love Cali then this snapback is perfect for you. Get it today over hereĀ

ca flag khaki coffee trucker 9fifty snapback cap new era 1