Katakana Navy Snapback Cap by 10 DEEP

Posted by Chip, September 9th, 2015 04:09 pm under Snapback

katakana navy snapback cap 10 deep

Built in the heart of New York City, streetwear brand 10 Deep has stayed by their solid foundation since ground zero. The brand began in 1995 and since then has become a trendsetter in apparel, headwear, accessories and everything else – living by the subcultures such as graffiti, punk, skate and hiphop; all that used to be counterculture back then. Today, we admire these brands as they’ve created and branded a whole new influence throughout the world. This 10 Deep Snapback is entitled “Katakana” as it features the 10 Deep brand done in the famous Japanese writing “Katakana” as the application of strokes and lines present the word “10 Deep” in writing. The type is done in Hot Pink and is embroidered across the two front panels. The base of the cap is done in Navy, while the back panel features a tonal 10 Deep logo also in Navy. This snapback is ready for purchase over here www.culturekings.com.

katakana navy snapback cap 10 deep 1