PU Leather Metal Badge 9Fifty Snapback Cap by NEW ERA

Posted by Chip, February 10th, 2016 04:02 pm under New Era 9Fifty, Snapback

pu leather metal badge 9fifty snapback cap new era

New Era takes this 9Fifty to a whole new level, as it uses high-quality material to provide a different feel and touch on the iconic 9Fifty silhouette. This cap is called the “PU Leather Metal Badge”, as the name pretty much explains everything – the cap comes in with a less durable type of Leather but definitely leaves a unique and one-of-a-kind texture and appearance, the PU Leather is done in all-Black. New Era has introduced their Badge logo recently, and it adds a modern touch to the established brand, this Badge is done in Black Metal and is placed at the center of the two front panels – making this cap look sophisticated and definitely upscale. If you’re looking to dress up a little bit tonight but still in the mood the rock your cap game then this New Era 9Fifty is for you. Head on over to www.neweracapkorea.com to view this cap and a whole lot more.

pu leather metal badge 9fifty snapback cap new era 1