Triple Triangle Smoke Pink Snapback Cap by HUF

Posted by Chip, March 16th, 2016 04:03 pm under Snapback

triple triangle smoke pink snapback cap huf

Streetwear and skateboarding pioneer brand HUF, comes up with a brand new Snapback to match the colors of Spring as the harsh weather of Winter slowly drifts away. The brand is grounded on the counterculture of skate back in the 90s and today has evolved into a worldwide icon – touching up on various identities and personalities. This HUF Snapback is called the “Triple Triangle” as it presents the letters HUF in a triangle, which is done in simple White lines at the front panel. The main color of the cap is in Smoke Pink as it adds a bit of gritty touch to the ideal Pastel Pink color. This is available over hereĀ

triple triangle smoke pink snapback cap huf 1