50th 6 Panel Strapback Cap by VANS

Posted by Chip, April 20th, 2016 03:04 pm under Strapback

50th 6 panel snapback cap vans

Vans “Off The Wall” celebrates their 50th year providing the mainstream world with the best of the skateboarding world. In what began with a shoe called Vans #44 deck shoes in 1966, or better known as the Authentics today, the “Off The Wall” series has grown to become a huge and integral part of the fashion world. In line with this 50th year celebration, Vans comes out with a Golden collection including this Snapback properly and aptly themed to the occasion. The cap has a White base throughout including a Leather tag up front and Gold floral patterns at the brim – the same pattern is found on the other 50th year products. This unique piece of headwear is currently available over hereĀ www.shop.amazingstore.jp.

50th 6 panel snapback cap vans 1