Snoopy House 9Fifty Snapback Cap by PEANUTS x NEW ERA

Posted by Chip, June 15th, 2016 02:06 pm under New Era 9Fifty, Snapback

snoopy hosue 9fifty snapback cap peanuts new era

The very famous Snoopy’s Doghouse which is located in Charlie Brown’s back yard isn’t only where Snoopy lives but also where his imagination runs wild – from it being a multi-level house, to it being a jet-fighter, and also a much bigger interior than it’s exterior. The Doghouse is the perfect symbol for imagination and creativity as it is comprised of so many things you may have never thought – making it such a character even if it doesn’t talk or have any dialogue. This New Era 9Fifty highlights the Snoopy Doghouse as it comes in with Snoopy lying down on top of the Red Doghouse – this is embroidered and raised up front together with the “Snoopy” logotype in Black. The crown of the cap is in Grey while the brim is in Red. This 9Fifty Snapback is available over at

snoopy hosue 9fifty snapback cap peanuts new era 1