Stussy Bamboo Snapback Cap by STUSSY

Posted by Chip, July 29th, 2016 02:07 pm under Snapback

stussy bamboo snapback cap stussy

Stussy has continued to dig thru rummage as they’ve come up with a handful of collaborations including with Porter for a “Beach Pack” Capsule Collection, also with California-based Modernica with a timeless collaboration on a fiberglass chair; and another collaboration with streetwear brand Caliroots in their Spring/Summer 2016 collection – the beauty in how Stussy works is that despite their big-time collabs, they’ve also learned how to keep things true to their roots and culture. We feature their latest Snapback which is bannered by a vivid and refreshing Bamboo-pattern donned throughout the Snapback Cap. The pattern also shows-off hints of Pink to add a bit of pop and contrast. The Stussy wordmark logo is embroidered and raised in White at the front panel. This Snapback is available today over hereĀ

stussy bamboo snapback cap stussy 1