Jumpman Grey Reflector Snapback Cap by JORDAN BRAND

Posted by Chip, September 7th, 2016 03:09 pm under Jordan, Snapback

jumpman grey reflector snapback cap jordan brand

The Jordan Brand continues to rule the sneaker world as they’ve doubled-up with their Jordan XXXI release and the return of the Jordan I Banned to the sneaker marketplace. The two drops just proves how much the brand has grown and how it continues to serve as a standard when it comes to sneakers and the evolution of the culture as well. Pictured here is a Jordan Brand Snapback done in a Reflector material throughout on top of a Grey base. The Jumpman logo is found at the front panel in Black Reflector material. This Snapback is available right hereĀ www.shop.amazingstore.jp.

jumpman grey reflector snapback cap jordan brand 1