House Check Jacquard On Nylon Metal Strapack Cap by STONE MOUNTAIN

Posted by Capo, December 7th, 2017 10:12 am under Strapback

Camouflage Jacquard Leather Strapback Cap by VALENTINO

STONE MOUNTAIN’s House Check Jacquard On Nylon Metal Strapack Cap is a tonal release with subtle details, which keep the style from being overly plain. The 6-panel silhouette is made of a nylon yarn. A subtle woodland camouflage styled print. The geometric shapes that make up the pattern are presented in shades of Black. The front panels are offered logo free. One size fits most, the cap adjusts on the back with a leather strap with a metal buckle. Low contrast, low key and very versatile. Catch this for £90.00 online at