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Annapolis Snapback Cap

Annapolis Snapback Cap by DARK SEAS

Military-inspired apparel goods are a common staple for many brands. Surf clothing label DARK SEAS goes for this option with one of their hats. Here is the Annapolis Snapback Cap. They came up with an unstructured build for the 5 panel crown of this headgear. The dome and the visor are both made of a twill material […]

Corpsman Burgundy Snapback Cap

Corpsman Burgundy Snapback Cap by DARK SEAS

Surf brand DARK SEAS knows that heading out to the beach can be a tough ordeal. You need to protect your head from the sun, but at the same time keep it cool and comfortable. Here is one nice headwear option, the Corpsman Burgundy Snapback Cap. They built this one in trucker hat fashion. The mesh panels are in […]

Rotor Trucker Snapback Cap

Rotor Trucker Snapback Cap by DARK SEAS

Heeding the call of the beach, as you need some gear with breathability, while you also got to protect yourself from the sun. DARK SEAS comes  up with a hat that fits the billing, the Rotor Trucker Snapback Cap. This hat has white for the mesh panels. They then used a black fabric for the button, front […]

Yellows Snapback Cap

Yellows Snapback Cap by DARK SEAS

Surfboarding-oriented lifestyle brand DARK SEAS is an apparel label you should check out if you are enchanted by the ocean. This time, they come up with a head-turning piece, the Yellows Snapback Cap. This headgear is constructed using a twill sloppy fabric. The 5 panel crown has white for the panels and navy blue for the button. On the whole […]

Yardbird Snapback Cap

Yardbird Snapback Cap by DARK SEAS

DARK SEAS is a lifestyle brand inspired by surfboarding. The apparel company was started by longtime professional skateboarded Adrian Lopez back in 2009. This time, they come up with a simple and classic-looking hat, the Yardbird Snapback Cap. They built this hat using a corduroy fabric. The dome and the bill are both in black. On the front panel is a […]

Ladderwell Green Snapback Cap

Ladderwell Green Snapback Cap by DARK SEAS

DARK SEAS is a lifestyle brand from Irvine, California inspired by surfing and Americana design. Here is one of their headwear offerings, the Ladderwell Green Snapback Cap. They used a twill material in making this hat. Both the dome and the visor are in grene. On the front panel is a red woven flag label with black […]

Anchors Strapback Cap

Anchors Strapback Cap by DARK SEAS

If you are looking for a surfing-inspired brand, then better check out lifestyle label DARK SEAS. From their headwear line, here is the Anchors Strapback Cap. This hat has a 6 panel unstructured build with a mid profile to provide a nice fit. The twill material used for the dome and bill has a pinstripe pattern. They […]

Flight Deck Snapback Cap

Flight Deck Snapback Cap by DARK SEAS

Heading out to the beach can be such an ordeal at times thanks to the scorching heat of the sun. Protect your head by rocking a cool and comfortable headgear from surf-inspired lifestyle label DARK SEAS, the Flight Deck Snapback Cap. This one is constructed in trucker hat fashion. The mesh panels, front panel, and visor […]