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Pirate Dad Hat

Pirate Dad Hat by K1X

K1X is a sportswear brand based in Germany that is well known for their hoops-inspired apparel goods. This time, they utilize one of today’s famous hat silhouettes to come up with the Pirate dad hat. This headgear has a low profile crown paired with a curved visor. Both the dome and bill are in black. For the front […]

Toro Bravos Snapback Cap

Toro Bravos Snapback Cap by K1X

Sportswear brand K1X of Germany takes inspiration from the most popular NBA team of the 90’s to come up with the Toro Bravos snapback cap. This 100% cotton hat has black for its panels and eyelets. On the front panel is a circular patch label with black edging. On it is an image of a bull, with […]

PA Desert Rose Camo Snapback Cap

PA Desert Rose Camo Snapback Cap by K1X

Being stealthy and deceptive is a great advantage in playing basketball. Sportswear brand K1X reminds us of this need with the PA Desert Rose Camo snapback cap. The panels and eyelets of this hat are in black. For the front design, they embroidered their Leaf Crest logo. The bill is made of a material with a camouflage […]

GOAT Snapback Cap

GOAT Snapback Cap by K1X

For those who are always working on their game when it comes to basketball, check out the GOAT snapback cap from sportswear brand K1X. The panels of this hat are in white. A black embroidery of the line “G.O.A.T.” adorns the front panel. The button, eyelets, and upperbill are also in black to match with the […]

Flagrant Snapback Cap

Flagrant Snapback Cap by K1X

Munich, Germany-based sportswear brand K1X holds it down for basketball players worldwide with this new headgear offering, the Flagrant snapback cap. For the dome and upperbill, they utilized a black 100% wool material. The front design features the word “Flagrant”, written in all caps using a white felt applique material. They then used green for the underbill. […]

Play Harder Snapback Cap

Play Harder Snapback Cap by K1X

If you’re looking for a cap to rock on your way to your local basketball court, then check out the Play Harder snapback cap from sportswear brand K1X. They used a 70% polyester / 30% cotton material in constructing this headgear. The button, eyelets, and panels are in black. For the 3D front rendered, they rendered a […]